Hospitality and Tourism Sector

 Airline And Ticketing Professional ATP

This test covers the functions of the reservation department and its relation with other departments in an airline company. The test also assesses candidates' basics knowledge in the airline and ticketing profession, including the role of international organization related to the airline business, standard codes, and terminologies used in airline business. This certification indicates that you can proficiently handle flight bookings, hotel reservation, and telephone sales.
 English for Tourism EFT
The English for Tourism exam measures your ability to use English to communicate with guests. The exam covers a variety of topics across the field, including food and beverage, kitchen, recreation, travel, accommodation, and others. The exam is suitable for students at the intermediate level or above

English for Hotels EFH
This exam is designed to measure the job related English of people who are training for, or who have already started, careers in hotel and catering. It covers the language commonly used in connection with hotel facilities, hotel activities, hotel clientele and personnel. Professional terminology specific to the hotel industry is assessed in context.