Professional Certifications

• Human Resources Professional HRP
This exam measures the basic skills of human resource professionals. It covers the following areas: recruitment basics, interviewing skills, and core concepts in human resources management. It helps you prove that you possess the foundational skills and knowledge necessary for success in your career.

• Business Management Expert BME
The BME exam covers basic business management concepts and principles.The exam covers the four functions of management: planning, organizing, controlling, and monitoring. This certification is necessary for every aspiring manager.

• Sales Professional Executive SPE
The Sales Professional Exam measures your ability to plan and conduct successful sales. The exam covers the following areas: negotiation, professional selling, sales research, consultative selling techniques,goal,setting, and professionalstandards.

• Marketing Professional Executive MPE
Economic growth can only be increasedif manufacturers, distributorsare able to sell and distribute their productsto the widest possible markets.Marketing isan essential function, without which economic growth cannot take place. This certification designation demonstrates that you have the professional skills necessary to be an effective marketing executive.Certification announces your professional competency to your employer, clients or customers-and to your peers in the marketing profession.