Company Overview

I.C.E.S leads initiatives in social and economic development worldwide with a view to promoting equality and accountability.

I.C.E.S provides services in Training; customize training, capacity building, and consulting in many businesses segments.

I.C.E.S is a premier provider of exceptional training seminars, conferences, home study programs on contemporary topics.

I.C.E.S is a private training school committed to meeting the educational challenges of graduating men and women who are qualified and job-ready for employment.

I.C.E.S and its staff are dedicated to improving the abilities of organizations to deliver accessible, high quality, culturally proficient and compassionate services to their clients by improving the quality and effectiveness of these programs.

Unlike other career training schools, I.C.E.S provides customize training careers exclusively. Through our short-term, specialized training courses, the school equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills needed for a challenging and fulfilling future no matter what avenue they decide to pursue.

Our training, products and services aim for the highest excellence ensuring a quality medium for training and career progression. We strive to achieve the highest standard of organization and promotion.

Our extensive experience combined with a thorough understanding of the culture, business and economy of the region mean that we can offer insights that will equip your people for success.

We are unique, I.C.E.S can help your Institute find more stability today , and build strength for the future, besides achieving results by connecting human resources development and business strategy in the corporate setting.

I.C.E.S consultants are experienced professionals who have worked “in the real world” for many years prior to joining I.C.E.S team work. Each I.C.E.S consultant takes pride in proving fast, pragmatic and cost effective solutions to support your success.

I.C.E.S is an internationally pioneering educational and training consultancy with a unique business vision in its ideas, ambitions, and scope.

Why I.C.E.S?!

  • Encouraging team’s leaders from the experienced individuals of today.
  • Encouraging lifelong learning.
  • Converting knowledge and experience into professional qualification.
  • Creating a supportive and stimulating learning environment.
  • Promoting critical thinking and communication skills.
  • Supporting students with qualified, engaged and elite staff.
  • Providing accessible and affordable private education.
  • Preparing students for the global marketplace.
  • Employing technology in educational activities.
  • Expanding the University's local and global outreach.
  • Maintaining high ethical standards.
  • Upholding academic integrity through an active assessment program.